While driving home the other day, I saw a few homes in my neighborhood that proudly advertise “Yes on 8”.  If you don’t know, Proposition 8 is a California initiative to remove the state supreme court upheld right for same sex marriage.

I am not gay, nor do I actively promote the gay and lesbian cause. They can do whatever they want behind closed doors, just the same as I can do whatever I want behind closed doors. Yes, marriage is a sacred union of two people. Why does anyone care whether it’s between a hetero or homosexual couple? What place do I have, personally, or the state as a whole, to deny people that right? To deny the right of two people getting married based on their sexual orientation due to your personal beliefs is quite a departure from the cry of tolerance that this country is striving to achieve.

Proponents of Prop 8 may say that they don’t want homosexual marriages because a marriage is between a man and a woman. Ok, fine. Now, how do we extend the same rights and legal status to a gay or lesbian couple if they can’t get married. Proponents once again chime in: let’s give them separate, but equal civil unions. Right. “Separate, but equal.” …because that worked so well for our country with segregation.

It’s time to cut the crap. Who cares what other people do behind closed doors; it’s not your problem. The United States strives to be a country of equality, of opportunity, and of tolerance. When you advertise your support of Prop 8, you demean this country’s values and spread the support of intolerance.

Join me, and many others, in defeating Prop 8. It would be un-American to do otherwise.