I have been with my current employer, http://www.clickgroupinc.com, for three and a half years now. I have enjoyed working with them through the good times (when we had the ability to fly our clients out to Maui for a traffic summit) and the bad (when Yahoo! shut down the Search Submit Pro product). I have had a great experience there and have grown both personally and professionally while in their employ. They have a great team and they know how to get it done when it comes to SEO and SEM.

However, I have decided to open a new chapter in my career book by joining the talented team at http://gdgt.com. I begin working there on September 1st as a core engineer. I have already had the chance to peek at some of their grand plans, and I’m really excited for what the future holds. The core technologies are similar to Click Group, but as complex and fun as it was to build the myriad internal tools for account management, I’m glad to be able to move back to a customer facing website. It allows me to flex some programming muscles that have gone underused over the past few years. gdgt’s team is passionate and driven, and I can’t wait to join them in their efforts.

Oh, and gdgt is still hiring engineers and more! Check out the current job postings at: http://gdgt.com/jobs.